Privacy Policy

Lopebet Casino ( Favorit United N.V. is a company based in Curacao, with the company number 121466, which has its registered office at Abraham Mendez Chumaceiro Blvd.03, Willemstad, Curacao., (hereinafter referred to as “Lopebet” and “The Company”), complies with the Personal data Protection Act of Curacao (2013). Favorit United N.V. is a Controller in the meaning of this Privacy Policy.

Player Information

The Company collects and uses the following data:

  • full name, birth date, residential address, phone number and e-mail;
  • payment details;
  • details of transactions, whether using the website, telephone, or other means;
  • detailed information about your website browsing history, including traffic data, location data, login and other data.

Usage of personal information

The Company uses personal data to identify:

  • the Player during registration on the website;
  • to make payments from the Player to the Company and from the Company to the Player. Your payment details (full name of the cardholder, card number and card expiration date) will be used by the Company for the provision of services on the website.

General provisions

If a visitor of the virtual club has any questions that relate to the privacy policy, he can contact the staff in any convenient way. This can by emailing [email protected].

The customer information we collect

Such personal data is requested for use and processing:

  • All information that is entered by the visitor during registration. These are full name, date of birth, email and phone number.
  • Correspondence with club staff via email, web chat.
  • The history of transactions, regardless of whether they were conducted through the website and other methods.
  • Log-in, traffic, location information, activity log, web log.
  • Documents that the virtual club staff asked for to verify the account. This can be a passport, bank statement.

How the information is used

The data provided by the player during registration or verification can be used for such purposes:

  • Processing of bets, transactions.
  • Providing gaming services by the club.
  • Providing support to the visitor, managing his account.
  • Determining, confirming certain actions.
  • Compliance with legal obligations, which include anti-money laundering.
  • Monitoring transactions to prevent fraud and other illegal activities.
  • Statistical analysis, research, analysis of player trends.

Data storage and security

In the Terms and Conditions of the provision is detailed information about the fact that the visitor or the casino at any time can close the account. The player does this of his own free will, and the employees of the playground due to violation of the rules of the user agreement. After the account is deleted, the user’s data is saved. They can only be used if the competent authorities request information for the purpose of investigating illegal activities, for financial, tax or fraud reporting or for money laundering prevention.

Any licensed virtual gambling establishments keep personal data of all players for a period of five years from the last transaction and account deletion.

During the collection and processing of the information provided by the player, the casino complies with strict legal protection provisions. All personal data is carefully protected, as the virtual site respects the user’s privacy. Players are provided with secure services and reasonable precautions are taken to ensure that all data is stored securely.

A user account is only accessible after entering a unique identifier and password. Two-factor authentication can be set up for additional protection. The user is responsible for logging into the system. It is necessary to make sure that an unauthorized person cannot log in to the personal account.


When a player visits, the system automatically collects all information, namely the website, IP address, browser used. Automatically collected information can not be used to identify individuals without further consent.

Website cookies, similar to tracking tools, are used to collect said information. Cookies are text documents that are stored on a PC or other device when you visit a certain site. They are necessary for the site to work, to load faster. Some cookies help enable navigation. Functional files are used to analyze settings and save them, e.g., a casino saves language, region. Advertising files are used to evaluate the effectiveness of content marketing.

Customers’ personal information is not shared with third-party services. Each user has the right to block certain files or change settings, but, in this case, the use of the website will be limited.

You can refuse to provide you with our data at any stage if you feel you need it. In that case, simply send to the official Lopebet Casino India email account information about it. You can also correct the information that is stored and sent to our servers in your personal Lopebet Casino user account.

The Privacy Policy may be amended or supplemented. The Company reserves the right to edit the Privacy Policy leaving the recent version available on this page. The Players shall be notified in the event of revising the purposes of collecting information.

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